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My Path - interactive activities for pathway play.
My Path:
Playing along the way
Pathways for Play’s primary purpose is to infuse pathway networks with playful experiences that will motivate children and families to get outdoors and engage in healthy activity together. These spring themed activities can be incorporated to add elements of fun, excitement, and discovery to help keep children actively engaged, motivated to move, and creating new memories each time they visit a trail system.
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Sing Tunes

Sing these tunes to keep things lively- "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly," "Little Bunny Foo Foo," or "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Or try out this tune sung to "For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow"-

We love the rain in springtime.

We love the rain in the springtime.

We love the rain in the springtime.

Springtime is so much fun!

(Replace with the other springtime words such as flowers, birds, bugs, colors, etc.)

Incorporate Games

Incorporate simple games such as I Spy, 20 Questions, Mother May I, Hide-and-Go-Seek, Kick the Can, or Red Light, Green Light as you walk.

  • Hiding Easter Eggs (colored or plastic) along a trail could add a fun springtime activity for kids to do as they gather eggs along the way. Don’t forget your basket and be sure not to leave any eggs behind.
  • As you walk along, take turns calling out, "1-2-3 hide behind a tree" or "1-2-3 point to a flower" or "1-2-3 splash in a puddle", etc. as you all race to follow the called out direction. This simple game will sure to bring smiles and laughter from kids and adults of all ages!
  • Look for items found in nature beginning with the letter A and working your way through the alphabet. You can make this game even harder by searching for more specific items in just one category such as birds, flowers, or wildlife. This is a great way for children to become more aware of what is around them in nature.
Children Dancing May is Bike Month, so get out your bikes or child’s favorite riding toy and let them explore your local greenway or trail on wheels! Not only is biking great physical activity, but it builds your child’s self confidence, balance, and coordination. Remember to always wear protective gear, closed toed shoes, and a helmet.
Story Book Make up a story together about a great spring adventure outdoors or reenact a part of a story from a favorite storybook (Ex. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Three Little Bears, Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, etc.). Use natural loose parts you see or find along the way as props.
1... 2... 3... Spring is the perfect time for a picnic! Ask your child to help pack a healthy snack or meal to share on your adventure. Take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery together, gaze up at the clouds, fly a kite, or listen to the sounds around you. Be sure to throw away to take home any leftover food or trash and never feed any wildlife you encounter.
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Spontaneous play (children playing together without direct adult intervention) is recognized by child development experts as a crucial aspect of healthy childhood.
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