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My Path - interactive activities for pathway play.
My Path:
Playing along the way
During the winter months, pathways can offer unique experiences for children and families. With a little extra planning and preparation, trails and pathway networks can be just as fun- even when it is a bit chilly outside. Use these helpful tips to prepare for your journey to ensure it is both positive and memorable.
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Sing Tunes Sing these tunes to keep things lively- "Over the River and Through the Woods," "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," or "We’re Going on a Bear Hunt".
Incorporate Games Incorporate simple games such as I Spy, Mother May I, Simon Says, or Red Light, Green Light.
Children Dancing Ask children to move along the path using various movements such as running, skipping, hopping, spinning, or dancing.
Story Book Make up a story together about a great winter adventure outdoors or react part of a story from a favorite book. Use natural loose parts you see or find along the way as props.
1... 2... 3... As you walk along, take turns calling out, "1-2-3 hide behind a tree" or "1-2-3 find a nut" or "1-2-3 put a fallen leaf on your knee," etc. This simple game will sure to bring smiles and laughter from kids and adults of all ages!
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Spontaneous play (children playing together without direct adult intervention) is recognized by child development experts as a crucial aspect of healthy childhood.
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