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Infusing play into pathway networks
Pathways for Play Website receives National award
4/13/2011, the premier website to learn about infusing play along pathways for the enjoyment of children and families, created in partnership between PlayCore and the Natural Learning Institute, has been chosen as the 2011 “Best Website for Kids and Trails” by the American Trails organization.

American Trails holds an annual review to seek out the best websites in the world of trails and greenways. Their goal is to recognize the diversity of the trails community, including urban trails and bikeways, greenways, wilderness hiking trails, motorized routes, and winter trails. Pathways for Play was recognized for helping communities create networks of shared use pathways, infused with play pockets, and usable by all for healthy recreation and non-motorized transportation.

Pathways for Play is a program developed by the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University, in partnership with PlayCore. Its purpose is to help interested parties get children and families interested in trails and the outdoors by infusing them with playful activities. In addition to the website, there is a program guide that describes how to execute playful pathways, from initial planning & design through sustainability and maintenance. Copies can be received by e-mailing

Said Pam Gluck, Executive Director of the American Trails organization, “American Trails was honored to present Pathways for with our first ever “Kids and Trails” Winning Website award. This award exemplifies a website’s efforts to engage children and youth in fun, healthy, and educational outdoor experiences using trails. Parks and Recreation and trail professionals everywhere should visit the Pathways for Play website. Everyone talks about getting more kids out on trails, and here is a very tangible new program that has proven to do just that! There are so many great tools for success on this website!”

About PlayCore:

PlayCore helps build stronger communities around the world by advancing play through research, education, and partnerships. The company infuses this learning into its complete family of brands – GameTime, UltraSite, UltraShelter, UltraPlay, GT Grandstands, Snug, Play & Park Structures, TotTurf, Everlast Climbing, Spectrum Aquatics, Big Toys, and Swing-N-Slide. PlayCore combines best-in-class planning and education programs with the most comprehensive array of recreation products available to create play solutions that match the unique needs of each community served. Learn more at

About the Natural Learning Initiative:

The mission of the Natural Learning Initiative is to help communities create stimulating places for play, learning, and environmental education - environments that recognize human dependence on the natural world. They collaborate with educators, play leaders, environmental educators, planners, politicians, and all professionals working for and with children. Visit for more information.

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"Our work is about our families, our friends, our kids, our future. We’ve finally figured out that our communities are living systems and that they have unique and important properties that must interrelate so they can thrive. When natural systems and built systems are in sync, they can begin to heal the damage done to our land and our culture and begin to regenerate our neighborhoods and communities."

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